Sec 2 Term 1 Week 2 : Faircompanies →

Find one videothat intrigues you the most and discuss about it.

1/9/2012 (8:42am)


How experienced artist find creative inspiration. →

Week 1 - Up for discussion

What can you take away from this article? Do you have your own ways of finding your own creative inspiration? 

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The SLR Camera Simulator →

Good way for beginners to learn more about camera and its functions.

12/3/2011 (10:33pm)


10/16/2011 (4:05am) 3 notes


Performing Art - Projection Fight Routine

Amazing blend of projected animation and live routine. It’s so well blended that the real stuff and fx feel like they merge into one. 


Crayola fun!

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How do you tie your shoe lace?

My favourite : Lattice and Bushwalk 

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Learn more about fonts!